Summarizing the results and setting the new priority areas of action during the “ROCHEMP Centre’s Results” event

On May 7, 2021, an event entitled “ROCHEMP Centre’s Results” was held at the National Gallery of Armenia, incorporating into its program the initiatives long-postponed due to the pandemic and the war.

The Director of the ROCHEMP Centre, Mrs. Ani Avagyan, expressed the Centre’s appreciation to the partners, partnering organisations and attendees. After the welcome speech, she introduced the results of the Centre’s establishment and the impact of implemented activities from November, 2019 to May, 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic and the war.

In his welcoming speech, the Deputy Minister of ESCS of RA, Mr. Ara Kzmalyan, emphasized the importance of the well-entrenched and successful collaboration in the sphere of cultural heritage enhancement, management and protection between the governments of the Republic of Armenia and Italy. He also stressed the relevance of continuing and broadening this collaboration in the areas of cultural heritage preservation, development of educational programs for the preparation of specialists and establishment of a unified monitoring system for the cultural heritage, kept at various institutions.

In his informative speech, the Chargé d’Affaires of the Italian Embassy in the Republic of Armenia, Mr. Giovanni Nicola Dionisi, mentioned about the central role that the ROCHEMP project has in the diplomatic relations of Armenia and Italy. He also stressed the willingness of the Italian government to continue the collaboration within the ROCHEMP project.

The Director of the National Gallery of Armenia, Ms. Marina Hakobyan, welcomed the fact that the ROCHEMP Centre is a branch of NGA and accentuated the importance of putting our joint efforts towards cultural heritage preservation. In multi-profile activities of the Centre, she particularly highlighted the translation activities of professional literature.

During the meeting, a presentation of the proceedings of the international conference “Cultural Heritage: Experiences & Perspectives in International Context” took place, and book exemplars were delivered to the conference participants. 

Mrs. Gohar Hovakimyan, a staff member of the Center, presented the previous and present training programs for specialists, implemented in collaboration between Armenia and Italy. This presentation was followed by the delivering ceremony of attendance certificates of the “ROCHEMP 2020: Intensive Training Course for Cultural Heritage Experts”.  

The coordinator of the ROCHEMP Centre, Ms. Gayane Babayan, introduced the results of the scientific and research, as well as translation activities already conducted. She informed the attendees that the Center has translated and will soon publish the guidebook, prepared by the E.C.C.O., titled “Competences for Access to the Conservation-Restoration Profession” (“Ամրակայում-վերականգնում մասնագիտության համար պահանջվող որակավորումներ” in Armenian). The publication is highly important for setting a professional evaluation system in developing training and educational programs in Armenia.

At the end of the event, the Centre’s future projects and priority areas of action were also discussed.

The event was attended by the chief representatives of the Centre’s partnering institutions, the participants of the ROCHEMP international conference, the participants of the ROCHEMP 2020 training course for cultural heritage experts, as well as professionals and students.

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