The “Post Stop” program’s new approach to solving the issues of preservation and promotion of historical and cultural heritage of Armenia has been implemented by the Ministry of ESCS of RA

There are thousands of officially registered historical and cultural monuments in the territory of Armenia that are in constant need of care and attention. These monuments represent the rich, multi-layered historical and cultural heritage of Armenia.

The study, preservation and enhancement of cultural heritage is extremely important both in the regional and global contexts. The preservation of historical and cultural monuments is an obligation towards the future generation as it is an indivisible part of the nation’s self-conception and identity, it has an important mission of introducing a nation’s centuries-long history and culture to the foreigners. Each person should realize their important role in the preservation of historical monuments. 

Having all this in mind, the Ministry of ESCS of RA, in collaboration with the Ministry of High-Tech Industry of the Republic of Armenia, HayPost and the Union of Philatelists of Armenia, has decided to implement the “Post Stop” program, aimed at the preservation and promotion of historical and cultural monuments. The idea of the program belongs to the assistant of the former Deputy Minister of ESCS of RA, Mr. Hayk Mkrtchyan

The mission of the program is to encourage the locals and the guests visiting Armenia to make their contribution to the efforts put for preserving historical and cultural heritage by purchasing stamps depicting monuments.  It is not a coincidence that the slogan of the program is the following: “Buy postage stamps, save monuments!”.

Currently the postage stamps with the images of the following historical monuments are released: Yererouyk basilica (VI c.), Monastery of Marmashen (X-XI cent.) and Agarakadzor Bridge (XIII c.).

This initiative will contribute to the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage of Armenia. Moreover, along with these postage stamps, postcards, specifically related to these monuments, are also planned to be released.

The stamps can be purchased and dropped into the mailbox, installed around the monuments. Those will be collected and sent to the post office on the set date.

All received profit from the sale of postage stamps will be distributed on the conservation, restoration and promotion activities of historical and architectural monuments. The planned activities can include placement of informative panels regarding the monuments, installation of guiding signs in the nearest settlements and interstate highways, provision of sanitary-hygienic conditions at the monument sites, preparation of social advertisement, organisation of periodic volunteer works at the monument areas, etc. 

The implementation of such initiative, which is an excellent example of raising public awareness of and participation in the preservation and enhancement of historical and cultural monuments, can become an important impetus for performing and developing creative and innovative ideas in the field of cultural heritage, as well as for establishing new models of the state-society-private sector trilateral cooperation.

Therefore, from now on, whenever you visit historical and cultural monuments in Armenia, you can buy these postage stamps from the nearest souvenir shop and in this way make your contribution to the important cause of the enhancement and preservation of Armenian cultural heritage.

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