Online Webinar: Preserving Historic Districts in the Contemporary Global Cities

At a time when historic cities are under pressure to radically transform themselves to meet new, global needs, what is the significance of preserving ancient traditional neighborhoods? What is the relationship with sustainability, to which everyone, administrations, local communities and technicians say they want to aspire? What contribution can international charters make to these processes? What are the benefits for communities and stakeholders? What examples can be considered significant? International and Armenian experts reflect on the issue in the framework of this webinar organized by the ROCHEMP Center.

Gaiane Casnati, Introduction and moderating role, University of Bologna

Mariangela Vandini, Presentation of the ROCHEMP Project, ROCHEMP Project’s Scientific Director, University of Bologna

Ani Avagyan, Presentation of ROCHEMP Center, ROCHEMP Center Director, ICOM-Armenia

Danuta Kłosek-Kozłowska, The Historic City preservation in the international charter and documents, Warsaw University of Technology, ICOMOS-CIVVIH Central and Eastern Europe, University of Bologna

Marco Pretelli and Alessia Zampini, Preserving Historic Districts and Cities. A sustainable goal? University of Bologna

Maria Cristina Giambruno and Raffaella Simonelli, Historic districts and cities. Notes and study methods for an active knowledge, Politecnico di Milano

Sarhat Petrosyan, Rethinking urban landscapes in Armenia: preserving 33rd (Firdusi) district of Yerevan, UrbanLab

Public Debate.