University of Bologna

The Department of Cultural Heritage, boasts a consolidated and important tradition of studies in the field of cultural heritage. The Department, which is located at the Ravenna Campus, brings together scholars and research groups of different origins in a common and transversal perspective focused on cultural heritage and traditions, the cultures of peoples, cultural heritage and environmental; a conscious and critical investigation of the humanistic fields, which are combined with anthropological, socio-economic, political, technical, scientific and IT studies in a shared work environment oriented to the knowledge, protection, conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage. For the “ROCHEMP-ARMENIA” Project, the Department of Cultural Heritage acts as a coordinator of the skills and professionalism made available by the University of Bologna.

The Department of Architecture carries out research, design experimentation and training in the fields of architectural and urban study, spatial planning and territorial governance, urban policies, conservation and intervention on the built and natural heritage, of the historical-critical interpretation of architecture and the city. It is one of the leading research facilities in Italy in the field of city and territory disciplines, inserted in a solid international network of “centers of excellence” and open to forms of cooperation with institutional and social actors at local, national and international level. The Department of Architecture intervenes in the “ROCHEMP-ARMENIA” Project, through the skills and knowledge of its experts in the field of diagnostics and architectural restoration design.

The Department of History, Culture and Civilization carries out training and scientific research activities in the field of anthropological, archaeological, geographical, historical and religious ‐ discipline and methodologies, from antiquity to age contemporary, between east and west. The research activity and the related didactic activity are set, addressed and carried out with particular attention to forms of interdisciplinarity and based on the development and maintenance of international relations, both for teachers and students. The Department is the first in Italy to host a course on “Language and Armenian Literature / Culture and Armenian Language “(established in 1973), which promotes collaboration and exchange activities with scholars of the Republic of Armenia. In the “ROCHEMP-ARMENIA” project, it intervenes to foster mutual knowledge and iteration between the two partner countries.

The Center for Advanced Studies for Tourism, established at the Rimini Campus of the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, combines research and high education in the field of tourism. The only institutional institution of its kind in Italy, it also counts researchers and professors from other departments of the University of Bologna among its collaborators. The aim of CAST is to treat tourism as a field of study characterized by different disciplinary approaches. The CAST proposes integrated joint initiatives connecting the economic and corporate aspects.